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Feb 12, 2013 6:00am EST
deputizing discrimination. this particular research study we did was for salt lake city, police chief burbank called us so bravely. he had built up in his house that was getting ready to pass, like most of us did, wanting to deputize his police officers and to make them immigration officers. and, of course, a lot of the language was pretty much you just don't stop anybody ask for their credentials and really say to you belong here. so most of us in law enforcement, we knew what that was going to do. you already don't trust us. let's do one more layer on top of that. so he had some grave concerns. and so what we did is one of the issues he had, all of his lawmakers were saying hey, if you do this, you will reduce crime because the association of crime and people of color was the only reason they're over here is to take our jobs, you're a member the arguments. when they bring their criminality into the system. so remember those conversations and to reflect back and say that sounds familiar, doesn't it? sounds very familiar. and the one of the things that he did was the cple went into the commit
Feb 20, 2013 7:30am EST
is a state and that there are cities inside of it. i'm from it, so if i say that i like wisconsin, there's a whole bunch of interests that cascade off of that. and so you need to understand that hierarchy of objects. but you also need to be able to understand how they relate to each other and synonyms, duplication, things like that. >> does this personalization then become, you know, the way that you described it as some complementary to search, does that create a new paradigm? at least the most recent thing that any of the large internet companies has come out with is this social searching that facebook has introduced. is that a end steppingstone along the way -- is that a steppingstone along the way to what you see? >> i think so. there's the social graph which is really important and very fundamental. what i'm talking about in terms of personalization, it will give way to the interest graph. >> what is that? >> the interest graph is the set of things that i'm interested in. and if you know the set of things i'm interested in, you know the set of things other people are interested in,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2